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​Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Wednesday Night Bible Study.  We are using a discipleship study called Seven Areas of Life Training (SALT).  For more information about SALT, click here.

Bible Bowl is coming back to Town and Country Christian Church.  Bible Bowl practice is on Sunday nights.  

Bible Bowl is a quick recall program started in 1963 where students compete over their knowledge of scripture.  A selected book or books of the Bible is determined as the text that season.  A team competes against another team over a selected segment of the text in a 14-minute game; the team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

The quizmaster reads questions (referred to as “toss-ups”) to the players.  The first player buzz in and answer correctly gets a series of “bonus” questions for that player’s team to answer together.  This pattern of toss-up followed by bonus is repeated throughout the game.

A toss-up is comprised of a lead-in sentence to help the players anticipate the Bible verse from which the question will come, followed by the question itself.  This format of lead-in followed by question allows students to be challenged in a fun and unique way to recall the verses they have learned.

Most bonus questions will require a word or phrase answer, while more challenging bonuses may require a perfectly quoted “memory verse” from the text.

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